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Crimp Characteristics

  • Difficulty: Medium – Hard
  • Users: Moderate – Pro
  • Grip Area: Finger Tips
  • Size: Small – Large
  • Price Per Crimp: $10 – $300

Crimp holds are low profile holds offering a small edge where only the fingertips can fit. Climbing crimps require strong finger joints, tendons, and forearm strength. Training boards, hangboards and climbing tests focus on this grip type, which is great for outdoor climbers who are looking to improve finger strength.

Crimps get their name by how they are used. To crimp something is to compress it into smaller ridges or folds. Crimp holds require fingers to compress together and bend sharply at the last joint.

Pictured: Jeremy’s Ho Dune Small 2 Crimps by Kilter

Flathold / Damage Control 26.14

Kingdom / Wafers Medium

Kingdom / Frog Lips Med

Only the best climbing holds will do: All our brands supply crimp sets in a variety of sizes – here is a small sample to help you get started.

We only use brands that align with our route setting values and can guarantee their quality. With ICP you have access to a huge selection of climbing crimps including several IFSC manufacturers.

Tips for Climbing Crimps

Crimps are small holds requiring accuracy and strong fingers.

  • There are three types – open hand, half crimp & closed hand.
  • Open hand crimps require the most finger strength. Also known as a drag, the open crimp is where the fingers stay open, and pressure evenly spread, leading to a lower chance of injury.
  • Closed hand crimps require less strength for it includes the thumb wrapping over the fingers, giving a stronger, more controlled grip.  This can lead to a higher chance of injury.
  • Half crimps get the best of both, keeping the weight spread while recruiting more of the fingers to create a strong grip.
  • Crimps are the most common grip used in training and assessing grip strength on a 20mm edge.
  • Crimp holds require extra attention with brushing, this reduces the build-up of chalk allowing for the most effective grip.

Flathold / Lucha Libre 29.07