Ice Cap Crossing of Greenland

Join us for an unforgettable evening with the incredible and inspirational adventurer Henk Morgans, as he shares the extraordinary tale of his recent expedition into the Arctic Circle. This event, promises to be a riveting experience for all adventurers and dreamers alike.

27th of June 2024

Boulder with Henk Morgans: 4:00 pm- 6:00pm (Admission Required)
Banter with Henk Morgans: 6:00 pm- 7:30pm (No Admission Required)

Cost: The Banter portion of this event with Henk is FREE.

Standard Admission is required for the bouldering session with Henk.
10 visit pass holders can use their pass for this session.
Casuals $23.00 access to Boulder Hall.
Free For ICP BoulderHall Members


The Expedition

Prepare to be transported into the icy wilderness as Henk recounts his gruelling journey across the Arctic ice cap. For 22 days, Henk and his trekking partner, James, skied in near silence, covering an astounding distance of just under 600 kilometres. Despite facing temperatures plummeting to -34 degrees Celsius and enduring 9-hour sunsets, they pushed forward, skiing incredible distances every day, and with brief breaks just to avoid freezing.

The Challenges

Discover the raw and unfiltered reality of life on the ice cap. Henk will candidly discuss the physical and psychological battles they faced, from the struggle to maintain basic bodily functions in extreme conditions to the necessity of consuming up to 9,000 calories a day to sustain their energy. Even with such a high intake, they still lost weight, highlighting the harshness of their environment.

The Journey Home

Henk’s narrative doesn’t end with the expedition. Learn about the five-day odyssey to return home, involving helicopters, small planes, and sled dogs, culminating in an airlift from a remote town of just 50 people. The pressure to meet the helicopter’s weekly schedule forced them to increase their daily distance, racing against time to avoid being stranded.

The Psychology of an Adventurer

What drives a person to undertake such an arduous journey? Henk will delve into the psychology of the adventurer, exploring the emotional and mental shifts that occur during a trek of this magnitude. He will share his introspective insights on life, self-discovery, and the profound changes in thought patterns that arise from prolonged isolation and intense focus.

Personal Reflections

In addition to his expedition, Henk will open up about his personal life and history, providing a deeper understanding of the man behind the journey. His reflections on why he chose to embark on this path and what he learned along the way will inspire and captivate.

Why Attend?

This evening offers a unique opportunity to hear firsthand from Henk Morgans about an adventure that few can imagine. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a psychology buff, or someone seeking inspiration, “An Evening with Henk Morgans” is not to be missed.

Come and be part of a night filled with incredible stories, personal revelations, and the spirit of adventure.