ICP Core Sessions

Welcome to our 30-minute Core Intensive class, specifically designed to elevate your core strength for the demands of climbing.

Led by experienced instructors, this dynamic session focuses on targeted exercises to fortify your core muscles, essential for stability and power.

Through a combination of controlled movements, isometric holds, and core-centric drills, you’ll develop the strength and endurance needed to conquer challenging routes with confidence.

Whether you’re a seasoned climber or new to the sport, join us to amplify your performance and unleash your full climbing potential.

Duration: 30 mins

Frequency: Weekly

Time: 6:00 pm-6:30pm

Participants: 10

Minimum Age: 16 Years Old.

Needed: Nothing, just wear comfortable clothes to exercise in

Cost: Free with access to Boulder Hall!

  • Secure your spot below. Places are limited!
  • 10 visit pass holders can use their pass for this session.
  • Casuals $23.00 (includes access to Boulder Hall).
  • Free For ICP BoulderHall Members